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Secure Hotspot
Share your secure Windscribe connection wirelessly.

You can create a Secure Hotspot on a Windows device, allowing you to share your connection with others, or connect other devices such as game consoles that currently do not support VPNs.

Create a Secure Hotspot

This Windows-only feature allows you to create a secure Wi-Fi hotspot right on your computer (if you have a compatible wireless adapter). While Connected to Windscribe, you can allow others to connect to this hotspot and take advantage of your secure connection, without having them install Windscribe on their device.

Helpful on Restrictive Networks and Non-Supported Devices

If you are the only one on a restrictive network with Windscribe installed, you can share your connection with others using this feature and allow them to access the Internet with no restrictions. You can also connect other Internet-enabled devices like TVs, game consoles, and other IoT devices which are not supported by our apps.

Windows Only

This feature is currently only available on supported Windows devices. Your network card must support this capability.

Get Windscribe Now

Go to Windscribe Preferences > Connection and enable Secure Hotspot.


Choose an SSID (name) for the network and set a password.


On the device you want to share the connection with, connect to the SSID you set above via Wi-Fi using the password you chose.


All activity on this device will now be proxied via Windscribe's network!

By the way

Secure Hotspot is a Windows-exclusive feature, and will work only if your wireless adapter is compatible.

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